Welcome Rachael LeBlanc-Palmer

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Sutton Group Professional Realty is pleased to welcome Top Producing Agent Rachael LeBlanc-Palmer who joins us from Century 21 Classic. Rachael is an energetic sales professional and proud to say many of her clients come from referrals which is a true testament to her character and devotion to her career. Rachael has been an award winning agent since 2007, after only just getting her licence the previous year. She is committed to continuing that level of customer service to her past, present and future clients.

Sutton is growing and continues to attract quality agents devoted to advancing their careers. We know that your success is our success and we value honesty, integrity and high ethics. These three principals are the foundations of our business philosophy. If you’re an agent interested in a strong brand without the high fees, contact Jennifer Morrison today for your no obligation career evaluation.


Marketing 101

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Sutton Group Professional Realty received a fantastic presentation today by lawyer affiliate Byron Balcom of ALG Law Group. Byron’s session provided lots of great ideas from getting a marketing budget in order, social media to common sense ideas on ‘the niceties’ that help to increase business through repeat clients and referrals. The feedback from our agents was positive and Byron’s passion for what he does was evident through his presentation style. Byron is living proof of the success of these techniques and we are very proud to be affiliated with such a professional.Image 

Did your Broker Over Promise and Under Deliver?

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How did you select your current real estate brokerage? Was the owner a family friend? Did you just happen to drive by an office on your way to a listing? Did you get a call from a recruiter? More often than not agents put more time into researching their cell phone contract than they do in determining the place that dictates their livelihood.

The biggest discovery I have found in talking to real estate agents is that they chose their brokerage based not on how much money they would take home at the end of the day, but rather on the perceived value that the recruiter/Broker sold them on during their interview. The most popular ‘value proposition’ items promised to agents were:

  1. Company generated leads
  2. The company brand determines your success as an agent
  3. Training & systems
  4. The company’s ability to ‘take your sales to the next level’

The reality of the situation is quite simple; agents determine their success through their own actions. Whether that be prospecting via door-knocking, telephone calls, letters and flyers, building a referral network or marketing. The thing Brokers don’t want you to know is that you can do these activities no matter what brand you work under. So why choose a company that takes a large percentage of your hard earned commission? Don’t you feel you are worth more?

Ask yourself some simple questions. Do the one or two leads given to you by the company equal the increased money in your pocket earned elsewhere? How about when the company gets so big the leads become few and far between or none at all. You also have to wonder if company provided training alone will take your sales to the next level or does it also take your hard work and personal investment in growth?

If you could keep more money for yourself while working at a quality brokerages offering you great service, wouldn’t it make more sense to invest some of that money into your own personal development that met your specific needs and goals? What if you even had enough left over after that to buy a new car or boat?

I’m not suggesting that agents don’t require relevant training, a great management team, support, and company brand recognition, but most if not all brokerages offer this. So if all things were considered equal, what could you do with an extra 20K – 40K in your pocket?

Always remember, despite what the big brand recruiters tell you, the success of the company relies on you… not the other way around.


At Sutton Realty, we deliver you a strong brand without the big brand expense, and we offer our agents 100% commission splits! There is a better deal for you, contact Jennifer Morrison for your no obligation career consultation today!

The Genworth Canada Difference for REALTORS®

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There are many great things happening at Sutton Realty including fantastic training sessions; one of which was hosted yesterday by Dianne Smith of Invis and Michelle Murphy of Genworth. The focus of the session featured a complete overview of select programs and what makes Genworth Canada stand out in the marketplace. In this session agents were shown ways to increase their competitive edge with the help of Glenworth’s innovative tools and resources that include: Glenworth’s Homebuyer Privilege Program, Energy-Efficiency Program, personalized marketing tools, calculators and more, including purchase plus improvements guidelines.

The presentation was largely centered on how agents can have an understanding of Genworth Canada’s participation in the home buying process and the value added products that the buyers can take advantage. Judging from the feedback of our agents, there was tremendous value in this session and they were extremely impressed.



Getting the Most out of Your Brokerage?

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Sutton Realty wants you to have your cake and eat it too! As a real estate agent in HRM where can you get the best services from your company while keeping the most money in your pocket? To find out the answer you should do some investigating because not all brokerages are the same.

Sutton Realty dedicated to helping our agents advance their careers. We know that your success is our success! Sutton prides itself honesty, integrity and high ethics. These three principals are the foundations of our business philosophy.

If you are just starting out as a new agent, or looking to make a change, talk to us. We’ll give you honest, accurate, comprehensive financial details of a few of our existing agents to use for comparison

We feel you should earn 100% of your commission and still receive the benefits of a full service brokerage. Find out what makes Sutton Group different, and why our agents are some of the best paid in the industry. We are proud of our business model and our success!